Making Our Universe a Paradise

Progress in technology, science, and society makes me optimistic that there is a chance to make our universe a paradise people could only dream about for their after-life.

Here is how I imagine a paradise that we can build in a real life universe.

1. Anyone can do anything they want indefinitely.

Everyone is able to do anything with only two types of limits – laws of physics and rights and freedoms of others. For everything else, there is virtual reality indistinguishable from real life.

1.1. Everything is practically free for anyone.
Abundant resources and energy of the universe are harnessed efficiently. Sustaining life and covering almost all needs and desires has negligible cost and is effectively free. Only new extremely lavish desires like fireworks out of stars have significant costs. Things beyond that are covered by virtual reality which is virtually free too. Activities that produce value for others that used to be called “work” are now just variations of hobbies or a way to sponsor extravagance.

1.2. Everyone stays healthy and young indefinitely.
Everyone’s physical body is regularly restored to its optimal healthy state.
People can even undertake extreme death risks like, for example, tourism near black holes. Information to restore a person (including body, mind and memory) can be backed up and safely distributed across the universe and in the event of unlikely death can be restored in a copy of a body.

1.3. Anyone can become anyone or anything.
One day you could be a human, another day you could be an invisible bird, then a day after you could be a giant talking planet by uploading your mind to specifically modified or designed objects and beings. In the first example I assume some type of invisibility that is still within laws of physics and in the second I imagine, for example, what is essentially a planet-sized robot.

1.4. Universal peace and understanding.
Interpersonal collaboration and communication are efficient and seamless. At will intelligent beings can combine their minds. For example, to focus on finding a solution that has maximum societal benefit and satisfies everyone. This communication is also lossless meaning there is zero loss of understanding of each other. In those cases reading other person’s mind is as clear as your own mind. In the abundance of inhabitable space, resources and energy collaboration, negotiation is always a smarter resolution to any conflict than violence, and a smarter resolution is always chosen. There is universal camaraderie.

1.5. Travel to any place (and maybe even to any time) where physics allow.
Anyone can travel to galaxies that are within physical space-time limit. If you freeze yourself it will feel like an instant. The jury still seems to be out on whether things such as time travel and wormholes are within the laws of physics and achievable, but if they are, then maybe you would be able to travel anywhere and anytime in the universe.

2. Life in the universe is plentiful.

Life and ecosystems in the accessible universe are plentiful, sustainable, diverse, resilient and reachable by anyone who desires to reach them.

Every physically reachable habitable planet has life. It could be life that originated on Earth or life from other planets. In addition to natural planets, life is plentiful on artificial planets, other artificial ecosystems and even outside ecosystems just getting an energy directly from stars and similar sources. There is a staggering diversity of ecosystems and multi-planetary meta-ecosystems of similar ecosystems in addition to diversity of just living organisms within ecosystems. Superabundance and diversity of life makes it maximally resilient against any event in the universe.

3. Life may surpass timespan of the universe itself.

Intelligent beings may be able to make life eternal by protecting it even beyond natural habitable limits of the universe itself, if it’s physically possible.

Humans seem to have a potential to extend lifespan of Earth-originated life beyond natural inhabitable limits of Earth and Solar systems, first by protecting Earth from asteroids and making humanity’s life and Earth’s ecosystems sustainable, then by populating and building ecosystems on other planets.

Similarly perhaps trillions of years from now superintelligent beings will be able to master laws of physics to preserve our universe forever or keep moving to other existing or artificial universes. For example, some theoretical physicists like Michio Kaku speculate that maybe Planck energy will be used to “boil the space itself” and create a gateway to a potential parallel universe.


This is designed to be a radically optimistic view on a potential future, but I think it can serve as a goal to aspire to. I would sum up this goal in the following mission statement:

“Maximize both longevity of life in the universe
and desired opportunities for everyone.”

Literature that inspired this article:

Special thanks for early feedback to:

  • Aijan Jumukova
  • Alvar Lopez
  • Amrit Dhir
  • Ellen Hurwitz
  • Florian Stein
  • Gyula Simonyi
  • Matej Štulák
  • Stefania Druga
  • William Kanaan

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